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Season 4 of the NT’s Million Dollar Fish (MDF) sees not one but FIVE $1m tagged barramundi available for capture!

It runs from October 1, 2018.

North Australian FISH FINDER is Australia’s undisputed ‘Barra Bible’. It is Australia’s most detailed book of fishing maps.

It started as a Territory book and to this day tells you where the best Top End barramundi spots are.

It shows you where to find rockbars, wrecks, holes, ramps and other fishing access points.

This book has been the north’s fishing reference for more than a decade, and now covers the southern mainland coast as well.

As well as revealing spots in detail, FISH FINDER explains fishing conditions, including weather, tides and seasonal fishing.

The book is essential kit if chasing the NT’s Million Dollar Fish, as it contains the most detailed NT fishing maps.

MDF runs from October to March, with 100 x $10,000 tagged barramundi to be caught. Five fish give you a chance to win the single $1m prize. There are also 20 charity fish worth $2500 to the captor and $2500 the charity.

And that’s not all the prizes.

Use the GPS marks and exclusive micro charts made by the FISH FINDER Team to increase your chan ces of finding MDF fish.

FISH FINDER’s exciting NT coverage includes special detail on the Roper and Daly Rivers, including the hazardous rockbars.

There is a superb bathymetric map of Darwin Harbour with a Lat-Long grid for taking GPS marks off any feature that looks fishy. Just about every patch of reef is revealed.

For Queenslanders, there is exclusive multi-page aerial low-tide photography on AYR, MACKAY and TOWNSVILLE creeks and rivers.

FISH FINDER TM was the first Australian book to regularly incorporate exclusive micro charts of selected hotspots.

Some of the charted areas include:

* Nine Mile, Black Rock and other reefs near the QLD/NSW border.
* Adelaide River rockbars, NT.
* Daly River rockbars, NT.
* Finniss River rockbars, NT.
* Bass Reef, NT.
* Bynoe Wide, NT.
* Fog Bay Wide, NT.
* Shady Camp freshwater rockbars and Jewfish Reef, NT.
* Adelaide River jewfish reef, NT.
* Middle Arm, Darwin Harbour, NT.
* Lee Point Artificial Reefs, NT.
* Fenton Patches Artificial Reefs, NT.
* Elizabeth River, Darwin Harbour, NT.
* Yepoon region reefs, Qld.
* Botany Bay and The Peak, NSW.

There is great information for Cape York Peninsula, including …

* The best Lakefield National Park barramundi camps
* The ultra-remote Kirke and Love Rivers
* Fishing and camping around The Tip
* Camping at remote Skardon River
* Cape York’s West Coast (Gulf of Carpentaria) remote community camps

The SEQ section is superb …

*Double-page spread on Jumpinpin, featuring a superb satellite image.
*Double-page spread on Great Sandy Strait, featuring a superb satellite image.
*Double-page spread on Fraser Island, featuring a superb satellite image.
*Double-page spread on Moreton Bay, featuring a superb satellite image.
*Maps of the major reefs wide of Tweed Heads, south to Black Rock.

There’s a vast WA section, from Perth north to the NT border. Highlights include …

*Revised Dampier Peninsula fishing camps near Broome
*Huge Pilbara and Kimberley coverage. See the shallow estuaries around Port Hedland and Karratha at low tide
*Almost all of the Kimberley coast is covered by satellite imagery

FISH FINDER TM includes the NSW coast from border to border, including …

* Superb aerial imagery of Port Hacking
* Exclusive charts of The Peak, Botany Bay, and Flint and Steel
* Superb aerial image of Lake Mulwala
* Aerial photos of most NSW coastal bar crossings

Plus Queensland and NSW stocked dams.

This exciting book has amazing aerial coverage, so you can see the layout of estuaries to assess potential fishing spots.

Published privately by Sunday Territorian (Darwin) fishing editor Matt Flynn.

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