Catch the Million Dollar Fish!

OUR Seadogs fishing brag mat competition for NT, NQ and Norwest barramundi fishos kicks off March 1, 2021. Winners are judged on the best six of 10 monthly rounds so you can enter quite late in the year and still have a chance to win. There are some great prizes, check it out at the online forum.

In this COVID19 economy, the biennial North Australian FISH FINDER book is trading as usual, but publication of our quarterly title North Australian Fishing and Outdoors is now on permanent hold because of a decline in advertising. We will resume publishing if the advertising situation improves. Unfulfilled subscriptions have been refunded.

Back-issues of North Australian Fishing and Outdoors will be included with our combo packages. All other products, including the NT GPS Fishing Data Card, How to Catch Barramundi DVD, and magazine back issues, are available as normal.

Million Dollar Fish: Several of the 100 x $10,000 tagged barramundi and a bonus $5000 charity fish were caught in the first few weeks of the Northern Territory’s 2020/21 Million Dollar Fish promotion. This annual promotion has been a great success, don’t miss your chance to catch a tagged NT barramundi.